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Our Mission

The mission of REACHH Clinic is to provide better care for patients, investigation into their health problems, and further education of patients for better outcomes in the long run.


To carry out this mission and foster the practice of Homeopathic medicine, REACHH Clinic must

  • Excel in Homeopathic medical care supported by continuous learning
  • Attract the best qualified medical, scientific and support staff
  • Excel in service
  • Provide efficient access to affordable medical care
  • Ensure that REACHH Clinic quality underlies every decision
  • Fundamental Values (Q S E) Smiley

Our Vision

ReachH is not just a clinic, it is a concept which has a great potential to positively transform our lives, especially our children.

The parent group of Akshadhaa were working to evolve specific business models where we can impart practical training to the special children who study in Akshadhaa Foundation and also generate funds which can support the sustenance of the Foundation.

One such module which has evolved where a large opportunity exists is ReachH Homeopathy Clinic establishment.

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