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Strong assessment of the patient’s case

We do an in-depth assessment of the patient’s case before starting the treatment. We only take up those cases where we confidently feel that we can make a difference, giving us a higher success rate with the cases that we accept to treat.

Electronic Medical Records

As all medical records are saved throughout a patient's lifetime, patients need not carry their reports to see our doctors across any of our clinics. 100% of the data on stored in server with at most confidentiality this helps cross referencing becomes much faster, thereby deriving a better cure for you through our past experience and a better treatment outcome as well.

Quality of Medicine

we are using only branded medicines and has got dealership from top brand.

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Proactive Treatment Option

ReachH is being formed with the aim of providing a proactive treatment option to its customers thru the benign treatment stream of Homeopathy. ReachH aims to create a community of believers who trust proactive health upkeep by making world class treatment available at their doorsteps. ReachH intends to work incessantly in making India a more productive country where due to lack of accessible and affordable treatment, precious constructive time is laid waste. Several stats from health organisations are available which can emphasise the point.

Latest Softwares

ReachH clinic uses the latest Softwares in the field of Homeopathy which sharpens the treatment options for the doctors and enhances the speed of the recovery. This software is aimed at making the doctors more efficient in offering their best while treating patients and at the same time it also ensures the highest treatment quality.

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At Door Steps

Another important aspect where ReachH has invested heavily is enabling the treatment by making the clinic reach the patient as the need may be. The significance of the Delivery Boy in the Scooter in the ReachH Logo is for a specific reason. After the patient has been registered with the clinic, the patient can avail the benefit of accessing the clinic thru audio or video means to connect with the doctor and avail the treatment. And based on the Doctor’s confidence the medicine can be delivered to the patient thru the specially developed mechanism by the clinic. This is a great boon for patients who for reasons cannot physically come to the clinic and can avail the treatment and the medicine from their respective locations. Not only the time is saved from the busy schedules but also there is a savings on transport costs. For children and infants it’s a great help if the mother is able to access the clinic and the medicines in time to address the ailment.

Health Plans

As mentioned earlier ReachH Clinic is aiming to make a difference in the lives of children in particular. And for this they have launched the My Health Plan which is a comprehensive plan to address the child’s health in a proactive manner.

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